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Policy and Procedures

Education Policy
Morning Star Daycare is a ministry of Nixa First Assembly of God and strives to provide a safe, secure place for children to learn. We teach that God made each child special and sent Jesus to be their Savior and Friend. Christian values, morals and a positive self-image are very important in addition to teaching readiness skills for school.  

Discipline Policy
We believe the purpose of discipline is to teach children acceptable forms of behavior. Good behavior is rewarded by hugs, stickers and special privileges. Negative behaviors result in loss of privileges, time outs and phone calls home. Children are given warnings before any consequences and time-outs are a maximum of one minute per age of child. We would never spank, strike or shake a child. We desire to work with parents to provide the very best care for the children.

Admission Policies
Full payment of the registration fee and the first week's tuition are required to reserve a place at Morning Star Daycare. Morning Star Daycare admits students of any race, color, nationality and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities. It does not discriminate in the application of its educational policies, admission policies or any other school-administered programs. Children must exhibit the ability to respond appropriately to correction and discipline.

Admission Procedure
Submit the completed application packet, a non-refundable $50 registration fee and the first week's tuition payment to the daycare office. Your also need a Child's Health Record form completed by a licensed physician and show proof of required immunizations before admission.
The Morning Star Daycare staff reserves final discretion in placement of all students. All placements will be in the best interest of the student, with attention given to both their educational and developmental needs.

Health Records and Immunizations
The Missouri Department of Health has set regulations pertaining to the health records and immunizations of all students. A child cannot be admitted to the daycare until their file meets state regulations. 

Missouri law requires that children attending a child care facility be age-appropriately immunized or have an exemption card on file. Health records must be signed by a licensed physician and completed no more than twelve months prior to your child's admission date. Also, if there are special instructions due to allergies (including foods) or medical needs, the daycare must receive a written statement from a doctor explaining any special treatment required.

Communication Guidelines
If you have a question regarding a rule or policy, please ask the director. Please, only approach teachers at appropriate times to discuss matters regarding your child. Be aware of their need to watch the children in the class.
Feel free to request a conference with the teacher to discuss situations that need extensive discussion (beyond two or three minutes).

Mrs. Anita is open 24 hours a day for support, you can call her at any time (417) 616-4201.

Please tell the staff about positive things that you see as well as negative. We are always looking for ways to improve and value your input!

Teachers and staff are required to report all accidents to the director immediately. Morning Star staff will not treat any student beyond what is necessary, immediate attention. Cuts and scrapes will be washed with soap and water. Bumps and bruises will be given an ice pack. Accident reports will be filled out and given to the office staff after a parent has seen and signed the reports. A parent is called after all accidents, even if they are minor.

Mandatory Child Abuse Reporters
All child caregivers are mandatory reporters. Any signs of possible physical or emotional neglect or abuse must be reported to the director. Morning Star Daycare is required by Missouri law to report any instance of suspected abuse to the Division of Family Services. If DFS visited the facility to examine a child, a witness from the school is required to be present when the child is questioned or examined.

Children will not be accepted at Morning Star Daycare with the following symptoms:

  • Fever (temperature taken under the arm reading 100 degrees or higher)
  • Persistent nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Any rash, skin infection or inflamed eyes that have not been treated
  • Upper respiratory infection, severe cough or influenza type illness
  • Yellowish skin or eyes
  • Severe itching of the body or scalp
  • Any unusual behavior (listlessness, weak, withdrawn, loss of appetite, etc)

If a child develops symptoms of illness, a parent will be called to make arrangements to pick up the child as soon as possible. No child will be allowed back into the daycare until 24 hours after the symptoms have left or a doctor has seen and treated the child. A doctor's note is required saying that the child is not contagious.

This policy is to protect the other children at the daycare, as well as staff. When it comes to severe illnesses, we cannot take any chances with the health of a child.

Bite Policy
We realize that many young children occasionally will bite. However, when a child bites several times in a short period of time action must be taken.

  • Records are kept of each occurrence. This helps determine if there is something we can do to prevent the biting.
  • Parents are notified each time that their child bites.
  • Parents will be asked for any and all suggestions to help stop the behavior.
  • If the problem persists, parents are given a two-week notice to find alternative child care.

It is never our wish to send a child away from our daycare. However, sometimes a child needs a change of surroundings to stop inappropriate behavior.

Parental Involvement
  • Pray for Morning Star Daycare. We want God's guidance in all that we do. Ask your children if perhaps they would like to include teachers or friends in their daily prayers.
  • Attend programs, volunteer to help on field trips or come tell a class about your job. The children appreciate sharing these special times with you!
  • Call! If you have any concerns about your child, feel free to call and talk to their teacher.
  • Parents are more than welcome to come to parties their child's class may have. We usually have  Valentine's Day, Easter, Graduation, Thanksgiving and Christmas parties.