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Outside Play Areas 
Play Yard
 - The main play yard is nestled between our gym and church sanctuary. We have a jungle gym with slides in a gated, secured area.
Courtyard - We also have a courtyard that is used for splash time in the summer. The One-Four Class's get to enjoy running through the sprinklers and playing with water toys in an fenced in area.
Toddler Area - A separate toddler playground is located by the one year old classes. This area has a large play set as well as smaller slides and ride on toys for little ones. 

- We are license exempt because of our religious affiliation, but we do comply with all state and fire safety inspections.
Key-Code Entry - Anyone entering the daycare must use a personal code to unlock the doors. Families are asked not to share these codes with anyone. A video monitoring system and telephone are available to gain admittance for visitors.
Gated Areas - During outside play time, the children are within a fenced and gated area. Children are never allowed to play in our parking lot.
Drills - Fire and tornado drills are held regularly. Our facility also has a basement that is used during tornado warnings.
Sanitation - Our goal is to create a sanitary and healthy environment. All toys are washed frequently. The kids are taught from a young age to wash their hands before and after eating and after using the bathroom. We use different hallways to keep the younger children from the older because of different immunization standards. Our resident custodian keeps the building in repair and our janitor keeps the rooms clean!
Familiarity - Our teachers generally work with the same class daily; all children are familiar with all the teachers in the daycare.  Children are given plenty of time to adjust to a new classroom before moving.

Bible Time
- All classrooms read a Bible story and have a discussion or activity based on the story.
Teachers - Our Christian teachers do their best to show the love of Jesus to all the children and to instill in them good morals and values. 

Inside Play Areas
Gym - The gym is host to our indoor free play center and kitchen. There is more than enough space for multiple classes to play games together or for normally scheduled class gym times.
Play Rooms - There are multiple classrooms designed for the sole purpose of play rooms!

Food Program 
Meals - Children are fed a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack. We can provide alternatives for mild food allergies (such as peanut butter or milk), but we ask that any children with more restrictive allergies bring in their own food.
Infants - The nursery provides Parent's Choice brand formula and a large selection of baby food fruits, vegetables and meats. There is a refrigerator in the nursery to store breast milk, and moms are more than welcome to come in for a lunch break to feed their babies.

Click here for a typical weekly menu.

In-House Field Trips - Every third Thursday of the month the zoo comes to us! We also schedule firemen and other visitors to come talk to us.
Summer Field Trips - The older children (5-12) go on field trips and outings to the pool. The four year old's also go to the pool on Thursdays, without the older kids. Past field trips have included trips to the zoo, a farm, Wacky World, and picnics in the park.
Summer Sprinkle Time - Our younger kids (1-4) have sprinkle time during the summer. They play in the courtyard with sprinklers and buckets of water.
Fun Weeks - Occasionally, we have fun weeks with days like silly hat day, mismatch day or fancy dress up day.
Cooking Projects - Some lessons just lend themselves wonderfully to a little cooking! Because of the daycare's large kitchen, the classes get to work on yummy projects at the lunch tables, then let it cook while playing in the gym.