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Our nursery class strives to nurture and care for your baby while providing a safe environment for them to explore. We actively work with the parents to keep the little ones happy and healthy. Every baby has different needs and we recognize that here!
Teacher to Student Ratio 1:4

One Year Old Classroom
Our main goal is to help your child become a well-balanced, happy, loving, curious kid! We strive to teach them new things daily about the world around us and about themselves. We desire to create a love of learning in each child!
Teacher to Student Ratio 1:4

Two Year Old Classroom
The two year old's are trying everyday to be more and more like a big kid! We assist in every way we can, whether its congratulating a potty training achievement or reminding to use an inside voice. We are here every step of the way to guide the two year olds into being the best little man/woman they can be!
Teacher to Student Ratio 1:8

Three Year Old Classroom
Our three year old classroom is where the kids start to have a daily "curriculum". They begin learning how to write and start focusing on some letters. Most have a good grasp on colors and shapes at this point and are excited to learn beyond that.
Teacher to Student Ratio 1:8

Four Year Old Classroom
In this classroom, the children continue to build on what they have learned previously. They usually know their colors, shapes and are working on mastering more letters and numbers. During the summer, four year olds are brought on a few field trips and go to the pool once a week.
Teacher to Student Ratio 1:10

Five Year Old Classroom
Our five year old's are hard working, fun-loving kids! They have a daily curriculum with teacher crafted lessons. The focus of the classroom is on kindergarten readiness skills, but as with all classrooms, fun and creativity are fantastic assets!
Teacher to Student Ratio 1:14